"Truth Shall Prevail"

      Mas MASADYA sa ALIMODIAN . . . . . .  Adto kamo didya!

Agua Colonia - Climbing the rugged terrain of the mountainous portion of Barangay Umingan, experience its cool breeze of the wind, take a deep breath of fresh air and eventually discover the awesome scenery in beholding Agua Colognia's mossy and foggy forest. A journey along its naturally rolling topography is very well adapted to one's gesture for rainforest trekking and nature trip.

Farm Terraces - A unique version of Alimodian Farm Terraces showcasing its rich and lush soil suited to a variety of high value crops. During off-season for  "Masipag" rice (organic rice), the multiple layers of the terraces display as array of vegetables grown in an environment-friendly way using Integrated Pest Management Technology (IPM). This awesome view can be seen in the rolling slopes of Barangay Lico and Dao.

Bato Duko / Bato Dungok - Within the rugged and forested terrain and upon the highest and steepy areas of Agua Colognia, Bato Duko still stand to salute every traveler's virtue of persistence and enduring strength in reaching the top.  It would serve as a rewarding sight offering a sense of satisfaction for having a fulfilled journey.

Manipuron Hill - another beautiful scenery that can be found at Barangay Tugaslon.

Maslog Waterfalls - Almost hidden within Barangay Lico, located near the thick forest, is a haven where a series of mini waterfalls can be found.  Splurge with the splashes of cool and refreshing waters flowing endlessly shows the abundance of water poured by nature. A quick dip would often lead to a prolonged craving to dive the crystal clear waters for a more relaxing experience.

Ibagat Spring - Taste the nature's mineral spring water that is abundantly free. Glide along a stream of crystal clear waters flowing stealthy within the thick forest of Agua Colognia.

Puting Bato / Bato sa Nabalay - A mysterious and enormous stone appeared to be a cradle of hidden past. A story that remains to be untold and a treasure, not yet discovered. However, this serve as resting ground for   hikers and mountain trekkers because of its shade, fresh air and peaceful scenery. This legendary spot is located at Barangay Cabacanan-Rizal.

Umingan Plateau - On top of Barangay Umingan lies the green grass covering a wide range called plateau that blends with the foggy atmosphere and freezing breeze. This place is most conducive and appropriate location for souvenir photography. An aerial picture of the entire area beneath exactly describes how high a traveler has reached. At night, a panoramic scene appears to be stars blinking at night but it was on the ground. Such view, most perfectly describe how the dazzling night spots on the quivering and meddling City of Iloilo look like.

Tinagong Danao - A tiresome quest for a hidden treasure would turn out to be fulfilling adventure. Seeing the amazing view at a distance is worth all the difficulties encountered along the way. Barangay Umingan and Barangay Dao have this kind of water resource that are uniquely and distinct to each other. An overflowing body of water that has its innate source that comes from deep within.

Taruc Hills - a breathtaking scenery located at Barangay Tabug. A perfect view for a nature lover.

“AGONY HILL: A Venue for Religious Pilgrimage along with Nature”

Alimodian is rich in natural resources blessed by the abundance of divine grace. Among its numerous spot where in the people of Alimodian could be proud of, is the beautiful place known  as  Agony Hill.  The concept of Agony Hill  emerged  from  the  combination of the  human appreciation of  nature’s  beauty with the  amazing  landscape designed naturally by the hill’s rolling slope and  topography. The whole picture depict  the strong  Christian  spirit among  the  Alimodiananons  as  being evidenced by the  14 stations built and situated within the area and ended upon the 3 crosses emulating Christ’s way to Mt. Calvary. The scene renders the traveler a feeling  of renewal and sanctification   in meditating and internalizing   the  true   essence  of  Christ’s  death.  Aside  from  the Spiritual  value of the place, an individual would appreciate its beauty being filled with a variety of slightly grown trees, giving comfort through its   shades  and  adding  to  the greenness of the once idle land. With these features, Agony Hill becomes  an  alternative  religious  destination  during  lenten  season  as  compared  to  the  “Balaang  Bukid”  of Guimaras where the famous “Pagtaltal” is being held.

The Alimodian Church was first constructed by Fr. Florencio Martinin in 1787. The structure became famous because of its artistic belfry, which used to be one of the tallest among churches in Iloilo and Negros.

The church is made out of limestone and its architecture has a neoclassic inspiration. Strange openings/holes of unknown purpose can be found in different areas of the church. A blatantly dominating part of the church is its dome, which is a recent addition.